iPP is proud to be a regional representative of ZOOK® Rupture Disks.  In our Calgary office, we maintain an inventory of common rupture disk setups to facilitate rapid delivery to your location.

ZOOK® has been a manufacturer of metal and graphite rupture disks operating continuously since 1952.  The ZOOK® Rupture Disk Group consists of manufacturing plants and marketing centers located in Burlington, Ontario, in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, and in Sheffield, England.

A rupture disk is a non-reclosing safety device with an engineered "weak" spot designed to protect personnel, plant, and equipment from the dangerous effects of an over-pressure by relieving the excess pressure at a predetermined pressure and temperature.  There is a rupture disk that is correct for each application, but no single rupture disk can meet all requirements.  iPP and ZOOK® have the skills to specify and manufacture the correct rupture disk for any application and are dedicated to becoming your single source for all your rupture disk needs.  ZOOK® also manufactures related over-pressure protection products such as Alarm Sensors, Pipe Guards, and Excess Flow Valves.

ZOOK® Manufactures...

  • a full line of high-performance Metal Rupture Disks and Holders designed for Non-Fragmentation
  • a complete line of Graphite Rupture Disks
  • bi-directional, low-pressure rupture disks; capable of ruptures as low as 1" water column
  • rupture disk Alarm Sensors compatible with ZOOK or any other manufacturers type of rupture disks
  • a complete line of flat, crowned, and insulated Vent Panels
  • a full line of "standard" and custom Extruder Barrel assemblies
  • accessories like: Gauges, Excess Flow Valves, and Pipe Guards to compliment your rupture disk purchase